Commercial Loan Documentation: The Loan Process and Documentation in Support of Commercial Loan Decisions


November 09, 2017


David Sawyer

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 90 Minutes


The commercial lending process is essential in order to avoid loan losses caused due to poor documentation. This is especially important during a bankruptcy case. In community banks, this important responsibility is often assigned to Loan Officers and Loan Administrators, who may not be familiar with the documentation process. If not done correctly, poor documentation can cause loans to become essentially unsecured, right when the bank expects to have some collateral.

During this webinar, our expert speaker Mr. David Sawyer will walk you through the subject of commercial loan documentation, explaining various things in detail and providing useful information which will help you perform your duties better. There are five steps involved in the loan documentation process, and at each step, you will need certain documents. It is very important to know which documents you will need, what they actually are, and when you will need them.

Topics under discussion include: 

  • Documents required to identify the borrower – loan application, financial statements, credit memorandum and others;
  • How to identify and document the collateral – go through collateral types and collateral valuation documents;
  • Documents needed to evidence the debt – commercial and consumer promissory notes, commitment letters and loan agreements;
  • Documents required to attach the collateral – security agreement, guarantee agreement, landlord’s waiver and others;
  • Documents needed to perfect the security interest
  • How to prepare and file uniform commercial code financing statement; other methods of collateral perfection

Training Highlights:

  • Learn about the documents required in all five steps of the load documentation process
  • Learn how to identify the borrower
  • Find out how to identify and document the collateral
  • Understand how to evidence the debt
  • Discover how to attach the collateral
  • Understand how you can perfect the security interest

All webinar attendees will be provided handouts which will help them remember and make the most of what they have learnt during the training session.

Who will benefit:

  • Commercial Loan Officers
  • Compliance Professionals
  • Operations Professionals
  • Finance Professionals
  • Loan Administrators and Processors
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Internal Auditors
  • Board Members

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