Fair Housing Guidelines for Landlords and Property Owners


March 20, 2018


Paul Flogstad

  09:00 AM ET | 08:00 AM CT | 06:00 AM PT | 60 Minutes


This session was developed to assist landlords, real estate professionals and property managers in understanding their requirements under fair housing laws.

Fair housing laws impact landlords dramatically. It is imperative that you have a good understanding of the basics of fair housing. We will cover the items that you need to know. There are many real world examples presented which will aid in your understanding of the most recent regulations in such areas as criminal background checks, sexual harassment and other policy changes that will affect you on a daily basis.

The federal law that bans housing discrimination across the United States, doesn't ban all forms of it. Instead, the FHA aims to ensure that applicants or prospective tenants (prospects) and current tenants don't get treated differently because of certain characteristics or attributes they have. A group of people who share such an identified characteristic is collectively known as a "protected class."

To avoid fair housing violations and costly liability, landlords need to know what a protected class is, as well as understand which protected classes are included under the FHA. For example, rejecting an applicant because he's from South America is illegal because the FHA bans discrimination based on national origin. But refusing to rent to applicants who have Section 8 vouchers won't violate the FHA because source of income isn't a protected class under federal law.

Why Should You Attend:

Every landlord should become familiar with all facets of fair housing. Fair housing violations have penalties which can amount to hundreds of thousand dollars. In this course you will learns about the basics of fair housing and how to stay in compliance with fair housing laws.This course will identify strategies to reduce costs and increase productivity of property maintenance.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Avoid Discrimination When Choosing Tenants
  • Federal Fair Housing Laws
  • State and Local Fair Housing Laws
  • How Courts and Agencies Handle Discrimination Complaints
  • Penalties for Housing Discrimination
  • Getting Legal Help for a Discrimination Lawsuit or Complaint
  • How to develop inspection and cost standards
  • Fundamentals of work scheduling
  • Understanding the finances of maintenance management
  • Measuring and monitoring performance

Who Will Benefit:

  • Housing Professionals
  • Property Manager
  • Realtors
  • Director
  • Landlords
  • Property Owner
  • Builder
  • Maintenance Staff 

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