Employee Expense Reimbursement for 2019: Guide to IRS Compliance incorporating the TC&JA


August 20, 2019


Mark Schwartz

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 75 Minutes

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Employee expense reimbursements that aren’t handled accurately can wind up being disallowed as expenses , or even considered as compensation by the IRS. If this happens, your company is on the hook for paying the associate payroll taxes – costing you more money as well as any penalties! You need to make sure your reimbursements are truly considered nontaxable, and that’s a real challenge for even seasoned payroll pro’s.

Don't take chances with your expense reimbursement plan for employees and independent contractors. Join our live, 75-minute webinar to discover:

  • What makes an "Accountable Plan" - Guidelines to help you in 2019
  • Your options for calculating and reporting taxable expenses to the IRS
  • Keys to taxing reimbursements: What's an expenses vs. compensation
  • High on the audit list: Detailed rules for specific reimbursement types
  • How to avoid employee fraud - red flags and what to watch out for

Learning Objectives:

  • Define and present the general rules about what makes expense reimbursements taxable for payroll, and what are excluded from payroll taxes
  • Determine whether or not your expense reimbursement policy reflects the information necessary for your employees to get you the information you need, without being overly burdensome.
  • Evaluate some specific types of expense reimbursements that your company regularly processes for workers, and determine if you are valuing and taxing them as appropriate.
  • Recognize the signs of employee fraud perpetrated in employee expense reporting.

    Area Covered in this session:

    • IRS Rules for Employee & Independent Contractor Expense Reimbursement
      • IRS reimbursement requirements for taxing employee expenses
      • Expense reimbursement plans: Accountable vs. non-accountable
      • Stay of the audit list: Rules on specific types of reimbursement
    • Payroll Requirements for Reimbursements: Expense vs. Compensation
      • Tips & tools to calculate taxable expenses - before the IRS does!
      • Payroll taxation considerations: When reimbursements count as income
      • Personal use of company property: Vehicles, cell phones and more
    • Best Practices for Processing and Documenting Expenses: Your Key to Preventing Fraud
      • Substantiation and documentation: Excluding reimbursement from wages
      • Identifying employee fraud: Clear warning signs to be aware of
      • Methods for timely processing and collection of excess advance funds

    Who Will Benefit:

    • Payroll management and staff
    • Human Resource professionals
    • Accounts payable staff and management
    • Accountants and Finance personnel

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