Professional PDF Tips and Tricks for Business


August 25, 2017


Neil Malek

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 60 Minutes

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              Up skill yourself with the knowledge of Acrobat Pro that will enable you to Create and Edit Perfect PDF’s. 

Adobe Acrobat pro is an awesome tool to create professional document and distribution of official forms, scanned copies and customer surveys. Acrobat pro offers a full suite for data collection and collaboration options along with high security and reproduction quality for PDF’s. During this webinar, Neil will help you understand how you can customize your final PDF with the help of Acrobat pro to assure it fits perfectly in your professional requirement.

Most of the users create PDF files from an office file and does not make it impactful. In this webinar, Neil will show you how you can customize your documents and forms to guarantee quality and file size by using an array of powerful tools that are offered by Acrobat Pro.  By initially imparting the knowledge of interface and toolbars, this webinar will focus on the all the functionality of Acrobat pro. With the help of navigational features, one would learn how to add relevant content in the final version of PDF’s and by the end of this webinar, you would understand how exactly Acrobat Pro fits into your professional business environment.

Session highlights:

  • Learn to optimize PDF file size and quality
  • How to combine multiple PDF’s to create a single PDF?
  • How to insert hyperlinks in PDF’s
  • Choosing Archiving Standards
  • Learn to adjust image quality and font.
  • How to add custom headers, footers, bookmarks and watermarks to increase the authenticity and easy navigation?

Why you should attend:

At the end of the webinar, Attendees would be able to make a single PDF by efficiently combining multiple PDF’s.  They would be able to add bookmarks, custom headers, footers and watermarks along with adjusting image quality and font. They will be armed with the skills of determining the source of problems like over-inflated file sizes of PDF’s and would be able to solve all such problems easily with the help of Acrobat Pro.

Who should attend:

  • Home and business owners that work with PDF’s and important documents
  • Small Business firms owners
  • Academic and government office that relies on PDF’s
  • Marketing professionals
  • Office managers
  • HR and IT Professionals
  • Administrative assistants
  • Anyone who uses PDF’s for personal and professional purposes

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