Accreditation Changes for Higher Education: Time to Rejoice, or Revolt?


April 24, 2019


Kent Seaver

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 60 Minutes


In January 2019, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos released a controversial proposal to limit the authority and scope of higher education accreditors, the organizations that serve as gatekeepers for federal student aid. In addition to narrowing the role of accreditors while deferring to them on certain key definitions, the Department of Ed wants to elevate the role of national accrediting agencies and reduce the relative influence of regional accreditors.

While experts have praised the Department’s efforts to give accreditors more latitude, there are concerns that some aspects of the plan leave too much power in the hands of the federal government. As the idea of “government overreach” has been at the issue of improved government oversight into higher education for over two decades now, this controversial proposal is creating many uncomfortable reactions.

Access to education is possibly the paramount factor facing today’s higher education community. Anything that hinders that access is a detriment to the educational path of a student. The access created by accreditation and financial monies are key to the mechanism whereby the access to education is guaranteed to all students at colleges and universities. When questions arise that reflect confusion and change onto this important process, it is important for all higher education stakeholders to understand what they can do to help their students.

This presentation by expert speaker, Kent Seaver will assist those in higher education in creating plans and models aimed at improving and ensuring access to education. You will learn how these new and controversial changes affect, and protect, students and institutions in 2019 and beyond. Also, you’ll understand what these changes are and how this issue is extremely important for students and institutions.

This webinar will help you be better informed and prepared to implement these new regulations should they become federal law.  This program is a must-attend for those trusted with conducting Program Level Assessments, handling accreditation and recertification standards, as well as college administrators in decision making roles that impact how programs are created and implemented.

Session Highlights:

  • Will institutions of higher learning become more accessible, or is that even needed?
  • What these proposed changes are and how they will affect the very people tasked with delivering instruction?
  • Impact of these new changes on students and academic insitutions
  • Analysis of the new proposed guidelines
  • Why academics fall victim to economics
  • Why innovation and workforce is important for continued success
  • Resources, tools and skills to meet the demanding roles of academicians
  • How the landscape of higher education is changing, and will continue to change

Also Includes:

  • Live Q&A session with speaker
  • PPT for download
  • Certificate of attendance

Who Will Benefit:

  • Academic administrators
  • Institutional researchers
  • Assessment coordinators
  • Campus presidents and faculty
  • Professionals responsible for enforcement, creation and implementation of accreditation on campus