Donald Trump and Education: the Future of Colleges in America


May 16, 2017


Kent Seaver

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 PT

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Now that the Donald Trump presidency is in power, you are probably wondering how his policies will affect higher education in the nation. President Trump has indicated his intentions on what changes he intends to bring about in higher education, but you need to understand how they will actually impact students’ lives, as well as the lives of administrators and faculty in educational institutions.

If you are a student receiving higher education, or part of the faculty or staff in an institution providing higher education, you may be wondering how the Donald Trump administration will change your life. The President has stated what he intends to do, but you may not understand how that will actively affect your life. Donald Trump’s policies are in sharp contrast to those of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

During this webinar, our expert speaker will walk you through the subject, delivering useful information on the subject and explaining in detail how you will be affected. Topics of discussion include: college costs for students, for-profits, title IX, immigration issues (and how they will impact students), and the Republican platform on higher education.

All webinar attendees will be provided handouts which will help them remember and make the most of the training they have received.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn about the Republican platform on higher education
  • Find out what will change, in terms of college costs for students. Will they increase, decrease, or remain the same?
  • Discuss the President’s stance on “For-Profits”
  • Find out about Title IX. Will it be rewritten?
  • Will immigration issues impact students studying in American institutions?

Who will benefit:

The following people will benefit from, and should therefore attend this webinar:

  • People working in the higher education sector. Includes four year universities, two year colleges, private institutions and commercial schools
  • Professionals working in higher education, who want to be informed about what to expect in the coming years regarding education policy
  • Members of college or university faculty or staff, and even students
  • Professionals involved with the functioning of an institution providing higher education