Redefining Online Student Success in the 21st Century


October 16, 2018


Sue Ohrablo, Ed.D.

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 75 Minutes

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Learn Strategies for Advising Online Students towards Success

Online students are at significant risk of attrition – not only do they experience isolation and a sense of disconnect from the institution, they find themselves lacking resources and information. Through ongoing support and information, student services professionals can significantly impact students’ perceptions of their online experience. However, assisting students through a variety of modalities can be challenging since online and campus-based students often face common limitations and barriers. In addition, advisors run the risk of eliminating some of the developmental advising strategies that are critical to effective advising as they attempt to manage a seemingly unmanageable amount of emails and phone calls.

Join this session, where academic advising and student services expert Susan Ohrablo, Ed.D. will address the essential components of successful online advising: building rapport and trust, assessing and anticipating student needs, providing information and support, reducing fears, and facilitating a sense of connectedness. Ohrablo will identify the benefits and challenges unique to the online student experience and discuss the best practices in advising. You will learn strategies for engaging students in a meaningful and productive advising relationship. The session will examine the real-life examples of effective and ineffective communication with students.

You will learn the ways to connect with online students and facilitate student engagement through purposeful outreach and responsiveness. You will also learn how to develop the strategies to support students who, as a result of experiencing a sense of isolation, are at high risk of departure from the institution.

Session Highlights

This session will cover:

  • The benefits and challenges unique to the online experience
  • Risk factors for departure for online students
  • The strategies for removing common barriers encountered by online students
  • Essential components of advising online
  • The strategies for building rapport and trust
  • How to anticipate and assess the needs of online students
  • The strategies for providing comprehensive information and support
  • How to facilitate a sense of connectedness to the institution
  • Real-life examples of effective and ineffective communication with students
  • The strategies for engaging students in a meaningful, productive advising relationship
  • How your students can improve written communication
  • The strategies for providing information and control to students and establish a human connection
  • How to increase the enrollment and completion rate for online students at your campus

Who Should Attend:

Faculty and staff in student affairs, academic affairs, and enrollment management areas at all levels, including, but not limited to:

  • Professors
  • Instructors
  • Trainers, and the people who evaluate students
  • Department chairpersons
  • College and University administrators
  • Teachers of live classes and teachers of virtual learning
  • Apprenticeship coordinators
  • Career services counselors
  • Academic advisors
  • Student success personnel
  • Retention personnel

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