Excel Competency: Establishing Spreadsheet Internal Controls


January 17, 2018


David H. Ringstrom, CPA

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 60 Minutes

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In this empowering webcast, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, demonstrates how to use internal control features within your Excel spreadsheets. Using a simple invoice form as a teaching aid, he shares several ways you can control users’ actions within spreadsheets, and how you can protect worksheets and workbooks from unauthorized changes.

In addition, he goes into detail about the IFNA, IFERROR, and ISERROR functions; the VLOOKUP function; the SUMIF function; the Data Validation feature; the Conditional Formatting feature; and hide and protect features.

For this presentation, David demonstrates techniques from the version of Excel used by the majority of attendees. Typically, this means he teaches from Excel 2010 or 2013, but his handouts identify differences in Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 when needed. His webcasts are fast-paced, and attendees often are surprised at the amount of ground he covers in a session. He welcomes participants’ questions, so come ready to pick his brain. David’s detailed handouts, with numbered steps, serve as reference material you can utilize going forward. He also provides an Excel workbook that includes most of the examples he uses during the webcast.

Why should you Attend:

Practitioners who wish to learn how to implement internal control features within their Excel spreadsheets in order to prevent unauthorized changes from being made by other users.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize and apply lookup formulas to find and access data automatically from lists
  • Identify how hide and protect features can be used to preserve key formulas
  • Describe how to use Excel's Data Validation feature to restrict data entry to a list of permissible choices

Session Highlights:

  • Using a custom number format to hide zero amounts within a specific area of a spreadsheet.
  • Improving the integrity of spreadsheets with Excel’s VLOOKUP function.
  • Using Conditional Formatting to identify unlocked cells into which data can be entered.
  • Toggling the Locked status of a worksheet cell on or off by way of a custom shortcut.
  • Utilizing Data Validation to limit percentages entered in a cell to a specific range of values.
  • Future-proofing VLOOKUP by using Excel’s Table feature versus referencing static ranges.
  • Using Excel's IFERROR function to mask # sign errors like #N/A.
  • Using Conditional Formatting to color-code your data, identify duplicates, and apply icons.
  • Creating resilient SUM functions that won’t break when users insert additional rows.
  • Overcoming VLOOKUP’s quirks by using SUMIF to look up numeric values.
  • Ensuring proper VLOOKUP integrity by using Data Validation to create an in-cell drop-down list.
  • Using Excel’s VLOOKUP function to look up an item description based on an input provided by the user.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Accountants
  • CPA's
  • CFO's
  • Controllers
  • Excel User
  • Income Tax Preparers
  • Enrolled Agents
  • Financial Consultants
  • Auditors
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Bookkeepers
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Government Personnel

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