Mastering Excel Formulas and Functions


May 04, 2017


Dennis Taylor

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 60 Minutes

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If your job requires you to use Microsoft Excel, and you often find yourself using formulas and functions or dealing with large amounts of data, this webinar will help you maximize your efficiency, so you can get more done in less time.

If you regularly need to build financial and analytical worksheets, you probably know that Microsoft Excel is among the best software for the job. With over 450 built-in functions in a clean and easy to use interface, it is a piece of software most people have, and know how to use. However, although most know of Excel’s basic features, there are many useful features which yet remain unknown. During this hour-long webinar, our expert speaker Mr. Dennis Taylor will walk you through the subject, delivering useful information and tips which will help you make the most of Excel, and your time.

You will learn about various formulas and functions which will help you get things done faster, and with less hassle. In addition, you will learn about the Pivot Table – which is especially useful if you often have to deal with large sets of data. It is a visually oriented tool which helps you quickly analyze data, and change the data interrelationships. It is also really flexible, which is one of its many, many advantages. Using Pivot Tables, you can create a complete summary report based on a large amount of data without writing any complex formulas. This feature is one of the many talking points of the webinar.

All webinar attendees will be provided handouts which will help them remember and make the most of the training they have received. These include a 15-slide PowerPoint Presentation which will act as a guide to Pivot Table features.

Training Highlights:

  • Gain productivity tips, shortcuts and accelerator tools for Microsoft Excel
  • Learn about Excel’s Pivot Table feature, and how to use it
  • Learn shortcuts for building formulas, and how to use formula-auditing tools
  • Learn how to use time-saving functions such as IF, V LOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX
  • Learn about slicers and how to use them
  • Learn how to use Text functions to extract and manipulate data (character or numerical) for sorting or analyzing
  • Learn how to tabulate data tools from multiple worksheets using 3D formulas
  • Learn how to use multiple functions in a nested fashion
  • Learn how to use the COUNTIF family of functions. Also learn about newer functions such as AGGREGATE, ARABIC, ISFORMULA, and FORMULATEXT

Who will benefit:

The following people will benefit from, and should therefore attend, this webinar:

  • People who use Microsoft Excel and wish to learn more about formulas and functions
  • People who wish to gain in-depth knowledge of Excel formulas and functions to increase their work efficiency
  • People who wish to learn about Microsoft Excel’s Pivot Tables

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