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2019 Taxpayers Defense Conference – Solving IRS Problems


October 28, 2019


Daniel J. Pilla

  October 28 and October 29, 2019

Bring additional members of your firm to the conference for an additional $275 each person.

Location - Embassy Suites - Minneapolis Airport, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2 Day Conference - Buffet lunch included both days

Lodging - Special pricing on block of rooms for attendees Limited availability, must book by Oct 5th, 2019


or call 952-854-1000 and let them know you need to make a reservation in the Tax Freedom Institute block.

Group Code: TAX


Small businesses make up the fastest going segment of federal income tax return filers. The number grows by millions every year as more people look for ways to supplement their incomes and gain financial independence. The problem is most people who set out in business have no idea how to meet the dozens of compliance burdens the tax code heaps on business owners. The GAO once counted more than 200 distinct obligations placed on the shoulders of businesses. Can you name all 200? Can you name even 20? Most people can’t. That’s why so many end up in trouble with the IRS. What starts as a dream to gain financial independence often ends as a nightmare when the IRS imposes tens of thousands in unexpected taxes and penalties.

To address this, the 2019 Taxpayers Defense Conference will focus on business tax liabilities. We will address common small business problems, including:

  • Employment tax responsibilities – the basics your clients must know
  • When and how to properly use independent contractors
  • Common employment tax penalties and how to challenge them
  • What constitutes “reasonable compensation” and how to calculate it
  • Understanding the IRS’s Voluntary Classification Settlement Program

What every tax pro needs to know about the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Taxpayers Defense Conference Special Features:

  1. Live interactive brain storming sessions with some of the nation’s most experienced Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents. Bring your problem cases to the Defense Conference and return to work with renewed ideas and energy.
  2. Up to 50 pages of written outline material that includes tax code sections, regulation, Internal Revenue Manual references, court decisions and other legal authority. This material is unique in its organization and invaluable as future reference material. You will not want to throw it away. In addition, you get our Master Index of all prior Defense Conference topics. All of our prior seminars are available for purchase on CDs.
  3. Continuing education credits for every conference, often including ethics credits, on topics that are important to your practice and your clients. You’ll waste no time at the Taxpayers Defense Conference. 
  4. Networking with Tax Freedom Institute members from around the nation, and personal interaction with Dan Pilla at the conference.