Excel Competency: Get Acquainted with Pivot Tables


April 19, 2017


David H. Ringstrom, CPA

   3:00 PM ET | 2:00 PM CT | 12:00 PM PT 60 Minutes

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Microsoft Excel is a piece of software which most people have. It has many useful but underutilized features, one of which is Pivot Tables. This feature is helpful in analyzing and summarizing large amounts of data. Learn how to do it, during this webinar.

Very few people know about Excel’s Pivot Tables, mostly because they believe it is a complicated feature which takes time to understand and use. However, this is not at all true, and creating reports on it can be as easy as dragging and dropping information into various fields. During this webinar, our expert speaker will walk you through the subject, explaining how to use Pivot Tables. He will also provide tips to maximize efficiency, and show you how to work around the quirks and nuances of Pivot Tables.

You will learn how to apply and remove fields in Pivot Tables, how to sort them, why and how to apply the Recommended Pivot Tables feature, how to initiate a Pivot Table from a list of data, and how to drill down into numbers with a double-click, or prevent other users from being able to do the same.

All webinar attendees will be provided detailed handouts which will draw your attention to the differences between Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007. The handouts will also help you remember, and make the most of the training you have received. These include a PowerPoint slide, and an Excel workbook.

Training Highlights:

  • Find out how to get past the “Pivot Table field name already exists” prompt
  • Learn the requirements of ideal data sets, for analysis within Pivot Tables
  • Learn how to expand and collapse Pivot Table elements, to avoid information overload
  • Understand the nuances of formatting numbers within Pivot Tables
  • Learn how to add fields to a table
  • Understand the nuances of sorting Pivot Tables, and subtotaling data within a Pivot Table

Who will benefit:

The following people will benefit from, and should therefore attend, this webinar

  • People who need to create reports as part of their job
  • People who wish to learn about Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel
  • People who wish to learn a quick, easy way to create reports and analyze data using Microsoft Excel

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