Surviving Avalanche Email


February 24, 2017


Karla Brandau

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 60 Minutes

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If you need to access your email as part of your job, you may find yourself receiving a heap of emails every day. This can be overwhelming, and cause you to lose productivity. However, Microsoft Outlook is a helpful piece of software which can make that aspect of your life easier. Learn helpful tips and tricks about Outlook, and for maximizing productivity.

 If you receive a lot of emails daily, you need to develop a system to filter the important ones, and either get rid of the rest, or file them away for later, when you will need them. This way, your Inbox will always be clean and organized, and when looking for an email, you will not have to hunt through an endless list of emails. Another vital skill is the ability to write clear emails which help the recipient quickly understand what it requires him/her to do. Your email should also have a descriptive yet attention-catching subject line, so it doesn’t get ignored, or mistaken as spam.

In this webinar, our expert speaker will provide tips and tricks surrounding Microsoft Outlook, which will help you accomplish the above-mentioned, and will make your life easier and increase your productivity levels. Outlook has an array of helpful features, most of which are not known by people. Using the software, you can not only manage your email, but also stay up-to-date with urgent tasks.

You will also learn how to organize email that enters your Inbox, how to use various Inbox views, how to clear your Inbox every day, how to handle assigned work efficiently, set up categories and use reminders to get better organized. In addition, you will learn how to search for mails when you need them, and how to use the ‘Favorites’ feature to highlight important folders.

Other subjects covered in the webinar include: grouping conversation topics with the ‘Show As Conversations’ option, using Voting buttons, and customizing column headings. Get things done faster and always leave wok on time, with these helpful tips about email management and processing.

All webinar attendees will be provided handouts which will help them remember and make the most of the training they have received.

Training Highlights:

  • Learn to customize the column headings
  • Use of voting buttons and putting them 
  • Organize, sort and priortize your email
  • Learn to make it easy for the receiver to respond quickly
  • Make a group of conversations using "Show as Conversations"
  • Learn about efficient click-and-drag techniques in Outlook 
  • Learn about innovative uses of signatures
  • Find out useful settings, including ‘Ignore’, ‘Clean Up’ and Junk mail settings

Who will benefit:

The following people will benefit from, and should therefore attend this webinar:

  • Employees who need to use email as part of their job
  • Administrative personnel
  • Team leaders
  • Team members
  • Sales managers
  • Other sales professionals
  • Engineers
  • Project managers
  • Managers at all levels of a company
  • Executives
  • Customer service personnel