Effective Email Writing


March 08, 2019


Philip Vassallo

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 60 Minutes


Imagine being on the receiving end of an email with an endless, cryptic prose and twisted logic only to realize that it concerned nothing about you. Recall those emails with bizarre formatting and out of place smileys and emoticons used without discretion? There must have been times when you have pulled your hair in disbelief.

The misuse of email communication has led managers to view emails in the hand of their staff as a weapon of assault they employ from a safe distance or something they use to avoid communicating in person.

This webinar by communication trainer, Philip Vassallo, Ed.D., begins with the premise that email is after all a process of writing where due attention and focus should be given to standards of language, vocabulary, tonality and protocols in the workplace.

This session will focus on the greatest challenges facing employees who sift through hundreds of emails daily and offers practical suggestions for creating emails and responding to them efficiently and accurately.

Philip will also offer practical remedies to incomplete, unorganized, purposeless and insensitive messages. He will teach you how you can ensure that emails are reader-focused, deferential, thorough, and can be easily scanned.

Finally, the webinar closes with guidelines for managing the email system and for checking critical emails when high-quality communication matters most. This course is inspired from the speaker’s books on business writing and his consulting experience with administrative staffers, analysts, managers, and executives in the financial, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications industries.

Learning Highlights:

  • Discover the major email writing mistakes
  • How to write purposeful, reader-focused emails
  • Employing a robust checklist to quality control your most important emails
  • Using a standard, recognizable structure to assure reading ease
  • Checking emails for a respectful tone without losing the central points
  • Using best practices for attaching, copying, forwarding, and receipting
  • Managing your email system effectively and efficiently

Who Will Benefit:

  • Administration
  • Compliance Professionals
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Bank & Finance Managers
  • Audit Managers
  • Anyone looking to take their email writing skills to the next level