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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: FAQs, Facts and Latest Updates for CPAs


January 29, 2019


Shehan Chandrasekera

  1:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT | 10:00 AM PT | 120 Minutes


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are here and it seems like they are here to stay. As an accountant, you can’t pretend to be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand when the financial dynamics are changing rapidly around you. CPAs should be clued up to blockchain and cryptocurrencies to better serve their clients today. As cryptocurrencies move into mainstream financial conversation, understanding concepts such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), mining, valuation has become very important for accountants.

However, you need to begin with the fundamentals such as, “What is a cryptocurrency?”, “What is blockchain?” and “Why there are so many cryptocurrencies?. Don’t ignore blockchain, because understanding and accepting this technology will catapult your business and authority in this arena – this is akin to buying a Bitcoin in 2016 (That could have made you wealthy, in case you did not know.) 

Join us for this webinar with expert speaker Shehan Chandrasekera as he explains blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in a language you can understand—the language of financial services. This session will focus on FAQs about cryptocurrencies, and current updates and news that practitioners need to be aware of.  

Session Highlights

  • Overview on blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Characteristics that differentiate cryptocurrencies from other fiat and virtual currencies
  • Accounting for cryptocurrencies
  • How cryptocurrencies will potentially change various aspects of accounting
    • Tax reporting
    • Auditing
    • Financial advisory services
  • Potential opportunities and challenges associated with adopting cyrptocurrencies for payments
  • Current blockchain and cryptocurrency updates and news CPAs should be aware of
  • Potential applications of blockchain technology in the future

Who Will Benefit

  • Accounting professionals
  • CPAs
  • Staff Accountants
  • Accountants employed in public practice
  • Private industry accountants
  • Enrolled agents (EAs)
  • Bookkeepers

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