About Us

Today virtual summit is gaining precedence over traditional methods of training and education because of the advantages of costs, flexibility, speed, and efficiency. Owing to pandemic such as the COVID-19, there are now additional advantages of health and safety when it comes to using online webinars to train your employees.

The global virtual summit market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10-85% through 2021-2025, however there is still lack of choices for learners when it comes to customization, course selection and quality of moderators. 

Pioneer Educator aims to break this status quo by bringing together the best minds in the industry to share their knowledge, expertise, and experience with learners.  When we invite industry experts and moderators to join our panel, we not only look at their experience but how good are they at imparting services through engaging, practical, latest, and updated virtual summit modules.  

Whether you are an employer looking for cost-effective, customized, engaging and updated summit  for your employees or a professional aiming to upskill to move ahead in his/her career, or someone looking for continuing education credits (CEUs) or recertification, or just trying to make sense of complex regulations to ensure compliance, Pioneer Educator understands the challenges that you are facing and have the right pedagogy content and tools to simplify your life and lead you to success.

Our tutelage products are available in a variety of formats so that you can learn according to your learning style, budget, convenience and need. Apart from live summit session, we provide pre-recorded versions, DVDs, conference transcripts, or audio conference replays or on-demand virtual summit

Pioneer Educator is the destination where industry leading moderators and rare subject matter experts in the areas of governance, risk, and compliance gather to provide you cutting-edge, in-depth and latest online training programs