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How can your organization compete for skilled talent to grow and maintain a healthy workforce?

Human Resource are of the greatest importance to any business and so for a HR professional. HR professionals have important roles and responsibilities in addressing human capital issues within their organizations. No matter your role in the HR, staying up-to-date on the latest HR trends, compliances, regulations and strategies is critical to your professional and business success. To gain a better understanding of the human capital challenges that confront organizations, HR professionals were asked to identify priorities for their organizations now and consistently in the future. Hence our in-depth research coupled with leading experts in HR domain can help you understand the behaviours, beliefs and core values of your employees and realizing ways of making those attitudes adaptable and agile.

We understand the different needs and concerns that apply at each stage in Human Resource process and value chain and the various licensing requirements, regulations and standards that have to be met every step of the way. Hence, we design and implement various webinars & training programs based upon specific inputs from each value chain of Human Resource process.

Through a new series of webinars, Pioneer Educator will help you understand the legal requirements and potential pitfalls you face in hiring, managing and terminating employees as well as identify strategies in effectively managing your employees and occasional board involvement with the management of employees.

Our webinar series is a convenient, cost effective way to give your company and your career a competitive advantage. Our webinars connect you to leading workforce, safety and management experts who deliver the latest insights on topics such as HR industry trends, employee screening, training and retention, job skills, career management and development, and much more.

Our online training webinars are the perfect solution for refreshing your HR knowledge from our leading subject matter experts.

Register and listen to our live webinars and get a to the point answers to your queries from our experts during the concluding Question and Answer session. You can listen to a past event by purchasing presentation CDs and transcripts.

Stay Updated with the Latest HR Trends and Strategies with Our customized training webinar programs!!