Vicki M. Lambert, CPP, is the academic director and president of Payroll AdvisorTM, a company that specializes in training and educating payroll professionals. She has a hands-on experience of more than 35 years in all aspects of payroll function and more than 20 years of experience as an author and trainer.

Ms. Lambert is much sought after as well as highly respected figure in payroll management and practices. She has held open market seminar regarding payroll matters all over the United States, which have had professionals and executives from prestigious firms attending.

She has also lectured on administration and compliance issues of payroll for various clients including CCH Incorporated, automatic Data Processing, The Employer Group and Ceridian Employer Services. Ms. Lambert has also been an in-house tutor and a consultant for businesses including Sun Microsystems, Fox Studios, Paychex, Disney, City of Hesperia and County of Riverside.

She is an adjunct member of faculty at the Bradman University, Southern California. She is also the instructor and pioneer of the Practical Payroll Online program which is offered via the School of Extended Education. She currently creates and presents webcasts and audio seminars for business group and clients throughout the United States.

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